Product information

Copter Screenprotector consists of an extremely durable material originally developed for military use. The material is an offshoot of a urethane film that was developed by the U.S. Army during the Gulf War to protect helicopter rotor blades from the abrasive desert sand.

The film is transparent and has a lifetime guarantee against yellowing or cracking due to UV exposure. It withstands freezing temperatures; high heat, oils and gasoline, and wear and tear caused by rocks and other abrasive elements.



Product data
Substrate thickness: 0.178 mm
Adhesion to steel: 0.438 N/mm
Tensile strength: 10.508 N/mm
Elongation: 500%
Operating temperature: -51°C to 149°C
Application temperature: 10°C to 49°C

The package contains:
1pcs Pre-cut Copter Screenprotector
1pcs Copter Applicationspray
1pcs Copter Applicationsqueegee
1pcs Copter Cleaningcloth

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