Step-by-step application instructions.



Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the film. Clean your
phone carefully from dust and grease.
Spray the tips of your fingers before handling the Copter Privacyfilter,
in order to avoid leaving fingerprints. Separate the film from its back-
Hold up the Copter Privacyfilter with the sticky side pointing upwards.
Spray liberally on the sticky side and lightly on the top side of the film.
Run a moist finger over the sticky side, and spread the liquid evenly
over the entire surface.
Apply the Copter Privacyfilter to your appliance with the sticky side
down and drag the Copter Privacyfilter into the right position.
Use the plastic squeegee to remove possible bubbles and moisture,
work outwards from the middle. It is advisable to hold the film in place
with a finger while doing this so that it doesn’t move.
Dry off any excess moisture with a cloth. Small bubbles and un-
evenness will disappear of their own accord within a few days.
A hair dryer can be used to speed up the process. Dry the telephone
with the lowest setting to avoid it getting too hot, as electronics do not
tolerate heat well.








Please look at our instruction video that shows
how to apply Copter Privacyfilter.