Frequently Asked Questions


Application General Warranty



Q: Can the filter be removed?
A: It is possible to remove the filter. However, this is not recommended as the edges can be
damaged or the adhesive surface can become dirty, thus resulting in poorer quality
affixation the next time it is used. No trace of the filter remains once it has been removed.

Q: I don’t have any application fluid left – what should I do now?
A: The bottle can be filled with tap water and half a drop of washing-up liquid (a whole drop
if working with a tablet). This constitutes a perfectly acceptable replacement fluid.

Q: Can the filter be applied without using fluid?
A: Yes this is absolutely fine, although without fluid it is more difficult to adjust the
position of the filter once it has been mounted.

Q: The tab on the protective layer has come off – how do I remove this layer now?
A: Try and separate the protective layer from the filter using a finger nail, while taking care
not to damage anything.



Q: The screen appears to be a bit darker when the filter is on – is this correct?
A: The material that shields the screen from unwanted viewing does indeed make the
appearance a little darker when viewed head-on. The screen’s brightness should be
increased somewhat accordingly, in order to compensate.

Q: The instructions only mention one protective layer?
A: If there is a protective layer on the front, this can be removed before or after mounting.
The protective layer that protects the adhesive surface can only be removed in accordance
with the instructions.

Q: The film only provides shielding from viewing from the side.
A: The Copter Privacy Filter provides 2-way shielding, which means one can choose to share
content by turning the appliance through 90 degrees.

Q: Does the filter affect the sensitivity of the touch screen properties?
A: No, it has no affect on the sensitivity of the touch screen.


Q: What is covered by the warranty?
A: Please read the warranty conditions.