How to apply Copter Exoglass?
Please check our installation guide and watch the video. Be careful not to damage the protector by applying excessive force during the installation of the Copter Exoglass.
Is it possible to remove the Copter Exoglass?
Yes. But you should not do that, as removing the Copter Exoglass may reduce the adhesive properties of the silicone layer making a reuse of the Copter Exoglass either problematic or even impossible.
Does the Copter Exoglass leave some residue after its removal?
No. Just don`t forget to rub the screen of the device with a soft cloth.


How long is the life of the Copter Exoglass?
The life of the protector depends wholly on you. Absorbing a heavy shock impact, the Copter Exoglass protects the screen of your electronic device from physical damage but the protector itself may be shattered.
How much time after the installation should I wait before using the device again?
Due to the high quality silicone used in the adhesive layer of the Copter Exoglass, your device is ready for operation immediately after the tempered glass protector is installed.
Does the usage of the Exoglass cause loss in the touchscreen sensitivity?
No. With the Copter Exoglass the touch sensitivity remains unaffected.
Does a stylus function properly after the installation of the Copter Exoglass?
Styluses of all types, including those with soft and firm tips, will function properly with the Copter Exoglass.
How do I clean the Copter EXOGLASS during its service life?
Any contamination on the surface of the protector can be easily removed with the help of a piece of a soft cloth. Due to the use of alcohol solutions for cleaning the protector, the oleophobic coating may lose its properties. Avoid such negative effects on your device!
May the Copter Exoglass shed flakes in the event of sharp drops in temperature?
No. The material used in the Copter Exoglass is able to withstand an extremely wide range of temperature changes. Moreover, the Copter Exoglass itself provides extra temperature protection for the screen.
Do air bubbles appear during the process of installation, and how do I remove them?
Air bubbles may appear while the Copter Exoglass is being installed but due to the characteristics of the silicone layer they will disappear naturally within 48 hours.


What does the warranty cover?
Please read our warranty conditions.