Our products, your business.

Tailor made solutions

We offer your company precision engineered screen protection for professional use. From industry controllers, GPS, professional hand held devices and everything in between. We take a great pride in our craftsmanship and provide tailor made solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Agile delivery capability and specialised machinery enable us to produce large batches as well as small series.

High performance protection

Copter’s screen protection films is developed for specific professional requirements: scratch protection, impact protection and privacy protection.

The Screen Protector film is nearly invisbile and very flexible, making it suitable as a scratch protection on mounted displays e.g. in manufacturing industries.

The Impact Protector is a shock absorbing and extremely durable film. It protects against direct impact as well as scratches, which will extend the lifetime of electronic devices. This is a much appreciated product at construction sites, outdoor use and in other tough environments.

Our Privacy Filter is a side view protection that prevents unauthorized insight. It is the perfect companion in environments where information security is business critical, e.g. in banking and government organisations.

The security of knowing that the business will continue without disruption is valuable. If not priceless. Every company knows the price of downtime and replacements of expensive displays is as unwanted as it is easily avoided.

Copter Lab

Copter Lab is the ground zero of all our product. Where specific needs are studied and tailored solutions are crafted. Since we have a comprehensive OEM and ODM for several major brands, we are well suited to modify and develop any of our products to match your company’s specific needs.

Think of any screen protection. Think of it again and make it better. That is the state of mind at the Copter Lab team. New devices requires new features and our effort to create the best protection ever is a never stopping activity.

Please contact us for further information about our solutions.