Protect. Improve. Innovate.

We believe that the ultimate screen protector is yet to be invented. Everyday we go to work with the intention to provide the best screen protection ever made. We improve, we field test and innovate how we look at protecting premium electronic devices. Every day we move a few inches closer to our goal.

As we work closely with several of the worlds leading hardware brands we know what the future holds. This allows us to offer the right protecting solution at the right time. Field tested and ready to use.

The history of Copter started in the Middle Eastern desert. Where the U.S. Army’s helicopters were facing one powerful and largely underestimated enemy.

The sand.

An endless blistering force that wore down the exepensive rotor blades needed some serious countermeasures. After extensive development a new material was invented, an offshoot of urethane. The material was extremely durable, penetration safe and capable of coping with burning heat as well as biting cold temperatures.

The material proved to have exactly the characteristics that was requested by the demanding high-tech device market. Smartphones and tablets were in great need of reliable and optical clear screen protection.

Today, Copter’s innovative products offers scratch preventing screen protection, privacy preserving screen filters and impact resistant shock absorbers. Critical to our company’s success is our reinvestment in the R&D. This let us to stay in the frontline and continue to improve and innovate the future of screen protection.